Moreton Bay Marine Park: Ocean Debris Removal and Clean-Up

by Environmental Divers



Removal of ghost nets and debris from weed beds for the protection of marine mammals from entanglement

Project implemented: 2017

Project goal

Protection of marine mammals and fish living in the Moreton Bay Marine Park

delivering on

why is this project important?

Protection of the weed beds to reduce the risk of entanglement and plastic ingestion, especially for the endangered turtle population

Key steps to make it happen

1Clean-up Site

Identification of trouble areas, then working out the best way to manage the targeted clean-up area

2Event Planing

Enlisting volunteers to assist in the cleanup, ensuring that they have received the proper training and are well equipped


Coordinate a scuba-dive in the selected area

4Reporting and sorting

Dive debriefing, reporting and sorting of debris

As an ongoing project, we spend time each year scuba-diving the weed beds of the Moreton Bay Marine Park looking for and removing ghost nets and debris from the western side of Moreton Island in Queensland, Australia.

Our mission is to protect marine mammals from entanglement, particularly the endangered turtle population that live in the marine park.

Our team of dedicated scuba-divers are trained in debris removal: we work with National parks and wild-life service and target areas that have been identified as breeding grounds or that have been reported as trouble spots. We use water craft RIB to access these areas and have a support ship where we can collect information and location of the type and amount of debris we can remove.


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