Young Farming Champions

by Picture You in Agriculture



The Young Farming Champions (YFCs) are identified youth ambassadors and future influencers working within the agriculture sector who are empowered to inspire pride in Australian agriculture.

Project implemented: 2009

Project goal

To inspire, empower and connect young leaders in agriculture while giving them platforms to advocate and make change in the areas most affecting their respective sector of the agriculture industry.

delivering on

why is this project important?

Australian farmers grow more than 90% of the food we eat. Emerging leaders that embrace technology, innovation and are media-savvy are crucial for this thriving economy.

Key steps to make it happen

1Expression of Interest

Nominations for outstanding applicants to participate in this program are opened online


A judging panel from across industries and sectors within agriculture come together to assess the quality of applicants

3Presentation Training

YFCs are selected and invited to attend a 2-day training weekend on effective presentation techniques

4Media Training

YFCs attend a 1-day training on giving media interviews and an additional 1-day on creating/utilizing social-media

5School Sharing

YFCs volunteer to lead two in-school programs, Kreative Koalas & The Archibull Prize, to inspire the next generation

6Learning & Development

YFCs reconvene to reflect on their in-school experiences, public speaking events an career progress to impart wins/challenges

impact to date

YFCs have participated in the Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders program
Workshops have been conducted in partner schools
Career pathway presentations conducted in partner schools
Schools around Australia have hosted inspiring YFCs to educate students
Students educated, empowered and inspired by Young Farming Champions

Case Study 1: Anika Molesworth

“Before joining the Young Farming Champions program, I had felt quite isolated and voiceless on my family’s farm in far-western New South Wales. But joining the Young Farming Champions program changed all that. I was warmly welcomed by the Picture You in Agriculture family.

I was given the skills, the knowledge, the confidence to speak boldly and passionately about my industry, about topics that I feel so strongly about, and to become a positive change-maker in Australian agriculture. Because of the Young Farming Champions program, I have stood on stages and spoken to thousands of people.

Last year I gave a TEDx presentation. I have received numerous awards for the work that I have done, and I have met highly esteemed people within our industry, in Australia and internationally. I was invited to meet and speak with the Duke of Sussex about climate change and rural youth.

Thanks to Picture You in Agriculture I have been able to make a positive difference to Australian agriculture.”Anika Molesworth, Young Farming Champion

Case Study 2: Dr Jo Newton

“Becoming involved in Picture you in Agriculture (PYiA) and its programs marked the start of a new trajectory in my both my career path and leadership journey.

The training I received as a Young Farming Champion (YFC) equipped me with a diverse array of skills to complement my formal scientific training. These skills coupled with the ongoing mentoring, coaching and support I’ve received as a YFC has greatly increased my confidence.

My contributions to the field of livestock genetics, agricultural advocacy and leadership has been recognised through many accolades from within and outside the Australian agricultural sector.

The success I have experienced early in my career, can in part be attributed to the foundations laid through the YFC workshops and the mentoring, coaching and support I’ve received through the YFC family.

I say family, because in PYiA I have found a tribe of passionate, committed, motivated change-makers whose actions also inspire me to stretch myself that little bit further.”Dr Jo Newton, Young Farming Champion

Australia Wide

“The Young Farming Champions program is remarkable for its aspirations and purpose, especially as it has been pioneered and developed by an altruistic and big picture thinker from her own personal resources, for the good of agriculture as a whole, outside of any charity or industry body organisation.

There are three major aspects of this program that contribute to its success, for the participants and for the agriculture sector as whole:

  1. Having the future of agriculture at its heart and purpose. This is a laser sharp ‘why’ that is a clarion call for the ambitious, forward thinking, and talented young people it attracts. The program participants are of a very high calibre in talent and vision as a result.
  2. Cross-sector engagement and networking. Having young people from various sectors is an excellent way to broaden perspectives and build a resilient network of colleagues. It also helps to break industry silos and group think that can evolve in busy industry sectors.
  3. Effective, advanced communication skill development. Being able to communicate and connect effectively is a critical leadership skill. Developing confidence in this area at an early age will help build courageous and outgoing leaders.

Congratulations to the YFC team. I look forward to its future success.”


Young Farming Champions engage in a two-year induction program, Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders, which involves undertaking a series of workshops, under the mentorship of some of Australia’s finest communication, marketing and professional development experts as part of a journey to lead agriculture’s next generation.

The program’s focus is developing confident, independent, reflective thinkers who can share their story and their personal experiences, to champion sustainability and long-term thinking on agricultural issues in their industry and more broadly.

The YFCs then put these skills into action to support school students participating in Picture You in Agriculture’s two flagship programs: The Archibull Prize & Kreative Koalas, teaching students about the UN SDGs as well as helping them establish local community projects to promote and measure sustainable environmental practices.

We believe the key to success for a bright future for everyone in this country is forging partnerships to work together to identify, prepare and support our emerging leaders. To achieve this we collaborate with a diverse group of people shaking it up in government, research bodies, funding bodies, organisations, the community and schools.

collaborating organisations

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