Supporting Other Businesses to Design Waste out of their System

by Dan the Man Cooking



Our project assists other businesses to design waste out of their system, whether that’s waste in a business’ office building or the by-products of their operation.

Project implemented: July 2019

Project goal

The goal of our project is to prove that one industry’s waste is another industry’s resource, and by working together creatively, we can reduce waste in multiple communities.

delivering on

why is this project important?

This project is important to Australia as we’re a country that produces a lot of waste. We’re also a country with increased reporting of mental health and related issues, and we know social isolation and lack of community is a significant determinant. Combining these two principles is what this project is about.

At Dan the Man, we believe waste is a failure of the imagination. In 2017, we embarked on a journey to get to zero waste in our entire operation. It was bold, ambitious and possibly delusional, but most of all, an experience that allowed us to see our business in a whole new way – that waste is an underutilised resource.

As a result, we became an ecosystem that was adaptive, creative and transformative. Once we realised the positive impacts of heading towards zero, not just environmentally and financially, we set a new goal of changing the standard for the catering industry. So we’re now taking our expertise to our broader community of businesses – you – and giving you the skills to design waste out of your system. Whether that’s waste in your office building, from your product, or the by-products of your operation.

We’ll help you dream big and think expansively, whilst keeping solutions practical, measurable and business orientated. It’s a tailored process, underpinned by your vision, that allows for new business ideas and creative thinking. We’ll help you understand why waste is important to you and the resources you have to tackle it.

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