enabling Australia wide collaboration and action for the SDGs

by uBegin.com



uBegin is a smart collaboration + opportunity mapping platform unlocking organisations and communities to achieve the SDGs

Project implemented: 2014

Project goal

Within 2 yrs connect leaders and communities to collaborate, adapt and implement solutions across every major Australian city

delivering on

why is this project important?

Australia has the resources and innovation to achieve the goals but has lacked the means to scale effective and efficient network collaboration across isolated groups

Key steps to make it happen


4 yrs researching, prototyping and validating with over 1200 leaders. Current version 4, is an early stage scalable product

2United Nations

In 2017 uBegin was showcased and validated as a market leader at the UN Global Festival of Ideas, Bonn Germany

3Sector case study

Homelessness: 6 month investigation into collaboration across the San Francisco Bay area

4City level SDG action

Phase 1 pilot with Brisbane Innovate 2017. 220 community leaders created 36 projects to tackle 6 major city wide challenges

5Australian SDG Summit

In collaboration with the summit organising committee, piloted new 'Opportunity Mapping' solution with the summit delegates

6Connect major cities

Begin pilots in major cities across Australia and cultivate connections with cities and organisations abroad

The impact of our work is approaching meaningful measurable levels. As this occurs, and with the input of the community, we are designing monitoring and evaluation dashboards for progress and impact in projects, organisations, communities, cities, and for a country

A significant problem in achieving the SDGs is that the challenges are complex, crossover isolated groups, and often fall short of intended goals.

uBegin is focused on solving 3 causes to this problem:

  • Locked networks – unable to collaborate across internal teams and external stakeholders
  • Fighting for limited resources – locked networks have limited resources
  • Unfocused action – in a locked, resource-limited environment, achieving shared goals is almost impossible

To solve this problem, uBegin allows people to learn, engage, and celebrate collective action for the SDGs using a smart, online collaboration and opportunity mapping platform. In early deployment, uBegin unlocks the potential of network collaboration and intelligently scales across projects, organisations, communities, cities, and countries.

Pilots include Alliance to end homelessness, City SDG action, impact hackathons and Australian SDG Summit, foreign development, and community groups.

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